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Raise Money with No Risk

Select Brochure Fundraising from Right Response and we give you everything you need to raise money -- for free!

Start selling with full-color professional sales materials that showcase quality, American-built first aid kits. Get everything needed to take orders and earn a 50% profit on every sale!

First Aid for All

Everyone needs first aid. Right Response's innovative kits offer quality first aid wherever you are -- at home, on the road or at play. Each kit is packed with hospital-grade first aid supplies to treat most common injuries.

Earn more reaching out to businesses, who are required by law to have first aid. Our business first aid kits lead the industry in innovation and quality.

When you sell first aid, you are raising funds responsibly with a product that parents and supporters will love!


Get your participants fired up to sell and equip them with our exclusive fundraising sales kit.

The sales materials include:

  • A full color catalog showcasing first aid kits for home and businesses
  • An easy-to-use order form to record your sales
  • A collection envelope featuring safety tips, a selling script and a place to write down names of potential customers.

Order enough materials for all participants when you sign up and we'll ship them to you for free. You can also get posters and other materials to inspire sellers, sending your sales soaring!

Our innovative Home kits have everything needed for first aid situations at home, on the road or at play.

Buyers will love these convenient kits and you earn 50% with each sale:

  • 6 different Zip First Aid kits specifically designed for a variety of activities
  • A bright red Zippered Soft Kit that offers essential first aid on the go

Each kit features hospital-grade first aid to treat typical injuries. With this wide selection, you can sell multiple kits to each home and raise even more money!

Help businesses comply with OSHA requirements while earning funds with our exclusive Business First Aid Kits!

Unlike other fundraising products, these kits deliver a valuable solution that businesses need and use:

  • SmartCompliance® cabinet - offering a revolutionary first aid solution for businesses and food service facilities
  • 25-Person ANSI Kit - treats typical workplace injuries with comprehensive care
  • 10-Unit ANSI Kit - perfect for small businesses, worksites and vehicle fleets

With a 50% profit on each business kit sale, you'll quickly surpass your fundraising goal while giving businesses a product they need!

Be ready for any emergency with this smart selection of family preparedness kits. These versatile kits provide life-saving supplies, from comprehensive first aid to basic survival items:

  • Outdoor Soft Kit - offering a wide selection of first aid in a distinctive rescue-orange case
  • Personal Safety Pack - containing critical survival supplies in case of a disaster
  • Deluxe Sports Kit - packed with first aid you can have on the sidelines or on the bench
  • First Aid and Survival Kit - the ultimate emergency preparation package

Give supporters a unique selection of emergency preparation kits that generate a 50% profit with every sale!

Right Response first aid kits are proudly built in the USA, supporting American jobs. The first aid supplies in each kit are the freshest and longest dated in the industry, ensuring quality care when you need it the most.

Explore what's inside the kits with the exclusive What's Inside Comparison Chart, listing every Right Response fundraising first aid kit. Show supporters the full value that is available in these innovative kits.

Click here to view, print and save the Comparison Chart in a separate window.