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Pack in the Profits!

Inspire sellers and kick your sales into high gear with Quick Sell Backpacks filled with our best selling first aid kits! The backpacks give sellers a specific goal for selling and allow immediate delivery to supporters.

Choose from five great options to maximize your fundraising income. Each backpack features our most popular kits and come with a nylon backpack that the seller keeps!

Order Now. Pay Later.

Order your backpacks and you don't have to pay for 30 days after your order is shipped. (Credit card required for payment terms.)

Earn a 50% profit on every kit you sell. With higher profits per customer compared to other fundraising products, you'll quickly reach your goal while delivering quality, American-built first aid kits!


Register with Right Response and order your backpacks at the same time. Mix and match cases of backpacks for a variety of kits your participants will be inspired to sell!

It's easy to get started fundraising with backpacks:

  • Backpacks available in case quantities, 5 per case
  • Free ground shipping when you buy 4 or more cases
  • Take 30 days to pay for your order (credit card required for payment terms).

Kick start your sales with the 6 Zip Kit Backpack. Sell each kit for $12 and earn $36 with every backpack sold.

Each backpack holds the following:

  • 1 Home Zip Kit
  • 1 Auto Zip Kit
  • 1 Sport Zip Kit
  • 1 Pet Zip Kit
  • 1 Outdoor Zip Kit
  • 1 Ow-Wee Zip Kit

These kits are perfect for any family with first aid for home, on the road or at play!

Race to big profits with the Sport Zip Backpack. Perfect for sports teams, cheerleading groups and supporters, the backpack features 6 Sport Zip Kits, which each generate at 50% profit.

Drive your profits higher and give sellers an easy-to-reach goal for raising funds with these outstanding kits:

  • 6 Sport Zip Kits

Watch your sales skyrocket with this popular backpack filled with first aid kits that everyone wants and uses!

Offer your supporters a full-featured first aid kit for only $25! You'll earn $12.50 on every sale and buyers will appreciate this easy to carry red Soft Kit designed for typical first aid emergencies:

  • Supplies are organized in clear pouches for quick identification
  • Zippered case stores easily in the trunk, under a seat or in a bag
  • Respond to common first aid situations from cuts and scrapes to sprains and aches.

The Soft Kit Backpack is an outstanding value, making it easy to sell. Plus, the seller keeps the backpack!

Maximize your offerings to customers with the Active Kit Combo Backpack. Give them a choice of a quality Zip Kit for the home, auto or sports activity or two great Soft Kits. Earn a 50% profit when you sell these kits:

  • 1 Home Zip Kit
  • 1 Auto Zip Kit
  • 1 Sport Zip Kit
  • 1 Soft Kit
  • 1 Deluxe Outdoor Soft Kit

The variety in this backpack will appeal to many, pushing your fundraising income higher!

Build profits quickly with the Soft Kit-Zip Kit Combo Backpack. Offer supporters a handy Auto Zip Kit for their vehicles, or full-featured Sport Zip Kit that fits easily in a gym bag. Also sell the popular Soft Kits, each packed with first aid for any situation.

  • 3 Auto Zip Kits
  • 3 Sport Zip Kits
  • 2 Soft Kits

With a 50% profit on each sale, you can sell the contents of this backpack and earn $305 for your group!

Right Response first aid kits are proudly built in the USA, supporting American jobs. The first aid supplies in each kit are the freshest and longest dated in the industry, ensuring quality care when you need it the most.

Explore what's inside the first aid kits with the exclusive What's Inside Comparison Chart. Show supporters the full value that's available in these innovative kits.

Click here to view, print and save the Comparison Chart in a separate window.